Soon, UK’s first restaurant with `bugs on menu`

London, Oct 24 (ANI): A couple of bug eaters are opening up the U.K.’s first all-insect restaurant called Grub Kitchen in Pembrokeshire, south-west Wales.

The head chef Andy Holcroft, who is confident diners will “love” his bug-laden dishes, said “I’ve always been really interested in trying to do something different with food. I want to make people think about their food,” the Independent reported.

The award-winning chef is a passionate advocate of entomophagy – eating insects. He has conducted extensive market research to finesse his menu.

Holcroft revealed that his first dish was a mealworm and cricket kofte kebab and he subsequently developed the restaurant’s signature bug burger, a blend of toasted crickets, mealworms and grasshoppers, mixed with spinach, sundried tomato and seasonings and experimented with more exotic nibbles, from cheesy locust croquettes to bamboo worm pad Thai curry.

Few dishes on Grub Kitchen’s menu are insect tasting board featuring a selection of plain and seasoned insect treats; Chilli cricket cocktail with bloody Mary salsa and lemon chapuline salt; Caerfai cheddar, tomato, Grub farmhouse pickle, fresh leaves and herb salsa, Grub garden salad of local organic leaves, tomatoes and herbs with crunchy insect granola, goat’s cheese and balsamic jelly and Cricket falafels with tatziki, olives, lettuce and Caerfai cheddar among others. (ANI)

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