Sooraj’s frightening fan experience!

Mumbai, December 6 (CINEWS):Young actor  Sooraj Pancholi got a remarkable unnerve a week ago when a female fan turned up at his building in Juhu, and even figured out how to achieve his loft.sooraj-ancholi-twitter

“Sooraj should do a few fittings, and he was sitting tight for a stylist to turn up with a couple outfits. At the point when a young lady turned up at his home with two sacks of a top of the line dress brand, Sooraj expected she was the beautician. He got a stun when she let him know she wasn’t a stylist, however only a fan who needed a photo with him,” says an insider.

The 20-something young lady clearly turned up at the building, and since Sooraj had effectively educated the gatekeepers that a female beautician will be coming into meet him, they didn’t stop her. “She was conveying two packs of garments, so the watchmen expected that she was the beautician and let her go in,” includes the insider.

In any case, when Sooraj understood that she was only a fan, he asked for her to go back downstairs. “Since he was all alone at home, he wasn’t happy with a female fan being around. Later, he went ground floor, and got a photo shot with her,” includes the insider.

He likewise taught the building’s gatekeepers to be “greatly cautious”, and guarantee that such episodes don’t occur later on. Sooraj couldn’t be gone after a remark.

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