Sophie says trends does n’t work on everyone !

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Considered a style symbol for more reasons than one, Sophie Choudry while addressing a source  said that on the grounds that something is a pattern doesn’t mean it takes a shot at everyone. “Never wear something unless you feel positive about it!

The general purpose of wearing garments is to make you feel great, so why wear something you don’t feel great in? Regardless of the fact that it’s on pattern, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Likewise, the right undergarments  are crucial. Invest in them as much as the rest of your wardrobe. And, most of all, feel good from within. Eat healthy, workout, stay positive. No amount of highlighter can replace inner glow,” she was quoted saying.

Sophie who imparts a warm friendship with fashion designer  Manish Malhotra feels he has a colossal sense  of style. “Style is reflected in each part of life and identity. It’s not transient or interim. Style is a piece of your center being and not something you accomplish just by having cash. For me, style whispers, money shouts! I know it’s prosaism yet it must be my mum, Yasmin. She made heads turn wherever she went in the mid 90s, and in India, ladies didn’t generally dress like that until much later. Certainly not women with two kids! I think Manish Malhotra has tremendous style. Not just in terms of clothes, but in everything he does. much more glamorous,” she adds. – CINEWS

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