Spanish prosecution accuses Barca’s Adriano of tax evasion

Barcelona, May 5 (IANS) The Spanish general prosecution has filed a complaint that FC Barcelona’s Brazilian defender Adriano Correia evading taxes of 646,085 euros ($741,705) arising from his image rights through resorting to a company in the Portuguese city of Madeira.

The economic crimes prosecutor accused the player of committing two crimes against the Treasury in his income tax returns for 2011 and 2012, reports Efe.

The investigation stems from a report by the tax agency which found that the Brazilian had not included in his income tax returns for those years the benefits derived from the sale of his image rights to FC Barcelona.

The prosecution noted that the player concealed his income from a contract signed with sports brand Nike, for which he claimed 63,304 euros ($72,672) in 2011, while he faked selling his image rights a company called Chacun a Sa place in Madeira.

In November 2014, Adriano submitted a complementary tax return for 2012 in which he included a higher income, and it is possible that he included his profits from Nike.



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