Spanish stock market rises

Madrid, Oct 10 (IANS) Spanish stock market index Ibex-35 rose 1.26 percent to close at 10,309.60 points, up from the 10,181.20 points of the previous day.

Share values were up 7.3 percent in the week as a whole with the Spanish risk premium falling from the 124 points of Monday to 121.60 points on Friday and Spain’s 10 year bond interest rate, too, standing at 1.8 percent on Friday closing time showing no differences in comparison with Monday.

In Friday’s session, OHL shares led rises climbing 6.27 percent, followed by ArcelorMittal, Banco Sabadell, ACS, Mediaset and Banco Santander that, respectively, rose 5.96 percent, 3.70 percent, 3.24 percent, 3.17 percent and 2.97 percent.

On the other hand, AENA shares led falls losing 3.62 percent, followed by Ferrovial, Bankia, Abengoa “B”, Amadeus and Enagas that, respectively, lost 1.80 percent, 1.60 percent, 1.05 percent, 0.76 percent and 0.17 percent.

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