`Spectre` under fire for `sexism`

London, Oct 25 (ANI): Bond’s recent release ‘Spectre’ is being highly criticised by the audience and the fans have called it a “sexist” attempt because the female lead Monica Bellucci appears on screen for only a matter of few minutes.

However, fans expected a lot from the latest installment of the Bond flick, which was supposed to mark a new era for the notoriously chauvinistic spy, played by Daniel Craig, but gives viewers much of the same.

A critic David Jenkins said that despite what the build-up led the viewer to believe, Bellucci’s part is in keeping with the antiquated role of the Bond girl. The actor can be seen straight away entering into her bed and then getting out of it straight in the next frame to get his required information out, the Daily Star reported.

Catherine Bray, a writer for American magazine, shared that it’s sad that the 51-year-old actress has so little screen time, but one can’t blame it on the script as producer Barbara Broccoli has always made this clear that sexism remained an important part of Bond’s real life.

‘Spectre’ released in the UK on October 26. (ANI)

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