Spend quality time with children, Delhi Dy CM tells parents

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Panaji, July 23 (IANS) For a parent, going for a movie with their children is the same as taking three hours from the children’s time and giving it away to Shah Rukh Khan and the experience is not the same as spending quality time with their wards, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said on Monday.

Speaking at a public interaction in Margao town, 35 km south of Panaji, Sisodia also said that the negative impact of politicisation of history books will cease to be a worry once students develops critical and analytical abilities at an early age.

“When a parent takes their child in a car to watch a movie, in reality, you are not giving him or her time. You are taking away the kid’s three hours and giving it to Shah Rukh Khan,” Sisodia said, narrating an anecdote about the need for parents to respect their children.

“In our country, we do not have a culture of respecting children. We (parents) feel that we are the boss of the house. We are the elected or selected officer of the house. We do not respect the dignity of the kid. This mistake we make again and again in our houses,” said Sisodia, who is Delhi’s Education Minister.

The Aam Aadmi Party leader also said that only by honing critical and analytical faculties of students at a very early age could the perils of politicisation and rewriting of history be tackled.

“Politics will continue in this country and the world. There will be political parties who like to rewrite history from their own angle… if we use that golden age (up to Class VIII) of learning and understanding, to develop a kid’s critical ability, the student will thereafter tear that same rewritten history book and throw it away,” Sisodia said, adding that history was not just being taught through history books but also via viral whatsapp messages, which students should be able to read through.



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