Spoiler-filled montage at Emmys leaves internet furious

Washington D.C., Sept. 21 (ANI): The 65th Emmy Awards have left people on the internet furious after they aired a spoiler-filled montage of all the series that recently ended.

The awards, without a warning, aired spoiler montage of `Parks and Recreation`, `Mad Men`, `Glee`, `Boardwalk Empire`, `Sons Of Anarchy` and ruined anything fans had saved on Netflix to watch, E!Online reports.

As expected, there was a total outburst on social media because of the montage.

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres took to twitter, saying “Thanks #Emmys. I had DVRed all of those shows.”

Journalist Jake Tapper said, “Kind of astounding that given the new business model of TV, #Emmys would run a spoiler-a-bration. Ok now I won’t binge order [Fill in blank].”

“The #Emmys just set the land-speed record for most spoilers per minute,” Entertainment Weekly’s Dalton Ross posted on twitter. (ANI)

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