`SpongeBob SquarePants` Squidward Tentacles says cops lied about his DUI arrest

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Washington D.C., Jan. 21 (ANI): ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ actor Rodger Bumpass, who plays the character of Squidward Tentacles, has recently claimed that cops lied about his DUI arrest.

It was previously reported that cops claimed they saw Bumpass leaning against his PT Cruiser on a Burbank street when they approached him and even failed the sobriety test, reports TMZ.com.

Bumpass has now claimed that he was not leaning against his car. Bumpass admitted that he had been drinking at a Burbank bar, got in his car and began driving home.

He added that at some point of time cops began tailing him, pulled him over and asked if he had been drinking. He confessed he had, and then failed the field sobriety test.

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Bumpass’ confession can create problem for him as the cops say they never saw him behind the wheels and by claiming that he was spotted driving he can land into trouble. (ANI)

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