Sri Sri’s event: ‘Army making bridge in view of people’s security, safety’

New Delhi, Mar. 7 (ANI): With army personnel building a pontoon bridge on the Yamuna for an event of Sri Sri Ravishankar drawing flak from all quarters, Ministry of Defence (MoD) sources on Monday said the army’s help was sought in view of security and safety concern of lakhs of people expected to throng the function.

MoD sources said it was not for the first time that the army was engaged in building bridges for an event. “Army personnel have made pontoon bridges during Kumbh mela. The army has even constructed a foot over bridge for the Commonwealth Games after a bridge collapsed a few days before the games commenced.”

Besides these, said MoD sources, the army has been requested to construct six pontoon bridges on the Yamuna, but they are making just one. “However, after the Delhi Government and the Delhi Police raised their concern over the safety and security, including chances of stampede, there is a possibility that the army will build another bridge as well,” said sources.

According to reports the event will feature yoga and meditation sessions, peace prayers and traditional cultural performances from around the world. (ANI)

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