Stalin denies slapgate charges, says ‘victim’ was party cadre

Chennai, July 2 (ANI): DMK treasurer M.K. Stalin on Thursday denied that he had slapped a passenger on the Chennai Metro, adding that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa was making a mountain out of mole-hill.

“The man was blocking the way and stepped on people’s feet. I was directing him to an emptier space but didn’t mean to slap him. Jayalalithaa didn’t attend the opening of Metro rail project. So, to divert people from that, she is accusing me of slapping a passenger,” Stalin said.

“The man was party cadre who accompanied me on the trip. I asked him to move and while waving my hand it touched his face by mistake,” he added.

Media reports had earlier claimed that Stalin had slapped a passenger while travelling in the Chennai Metro. (ANI)

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