Start ups will change the face of business

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By Rajesh Mishra

New Delhi, Jan. 19 (ANI): The Jharkhand Government has even created a policy on start-ups. According to this policy, Jharkhand will also be recognized as ‘start-up village’. Now, the concept of start-ups will not be restricted to IT-like sectors. Thousands of people have used their talent to reach heights. Because of which, there has been a change in not only the lifestyle of people, but also the ways to do business. Secretary of the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Amitah Kant has said that a lot of important steps have been taken with respect to the budget in start-ups.

The Government will take more steps in the next one year. You may find the word ‘start-up’ ordinary, but a start-up is a business that is different from the ordinary way of doing business and provides online services to people through mobiles. According to Kant, a lot has been done in relation to the budget of start-ups. Till now, 70 percent action has been taken and the rest 30 percent will be announced in the next budget. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick believes that after the implementation of the policy, nothing can bar India from becoming a start-up hub.

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It is noteworthy that on one hand Mumbai Chief minister Devendra Fadnavis has promised to make Mumbai a ‘start-up capital’, whereas, on the other hand, the Jharkhand government has also made a policy in this regard.

In this policy, new ideas will be provided with financial assistance, and new market will also be made available. In fields like engineering, medical, IT, agriculture, bio-medicine and water harvesting, the start-up village will provide various benefits. The village will have a research centre and technical experts. When the products would reach the level of global market, only then will they be released. This will provide new platform to new talents in the state.

The question that arises is what would be the conditions for the start-ups. The government has decided that any start-up should have a new concept which should be able to bring a change in the existing service sector. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has tried to provide an open atmosphere to the people aiming towards a new start-up. Patent related issues will also be addressed by the government and there will be an 80 percent decrease in the current patent amount.

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The ways to close a start-up will also be made easy. The remissions would start from April 1, but the amount cannot be used for dividend. It is being said, that these would lead to massive support. (ANI)

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