Start with Polarized sunglasses to beat the road glare!

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The new Maui Jim Sunglasses

We’ve all been there. A sunny day. A relaxing drive. Then it hits you. At first, you squint. Then, suddenly, you can’t see a thing.

Glare, whether it’s from a stunning Fall sunset or reflections off other vehicles, can be more than just annoying. It can be downright dangerous. In fact, the US  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates 9,000 accidents were caused by glare in 2014 alone.* This risk becomes further amplified during seasons where the sun is setting during the heart of rush-hour traffic.

So what can you do to lessen the dangers of glare when driving?

The first, and best, option to fight glare is wearing a pair of quality polarized sunglasses, like those offered by Maui Jim, a premium sunglass manufacturer founded in always-sunny Hawaii. Polarization reduces glare by limiting the amount of horizontal light reaching your eyes. Besides lessening the potential dangers of glare, polarized lenses can improve clarity and contrast, while reducing eye fatigue.

Before choosing a pair of polarized sunglasses, keep in mind that not all polarization is the same. Some lower-quality sunglasses claim to offer polarization, but may only block 10% of glare.

The latest product in the market is from Hawaii. Maui Jim Sunglasses,  feature their patented PolarizedPlus2 lens technology, which eliminates 99.9% of glare. Even better, Maui Jim clalims that their  lenses enhance natural light, instead of simply dimming or filtering out light frequencies, which leads to improved color, clarity and detail. This not only makes your drive less dangerous, but more enjoyable as well.

One other sunglass consideration is the lens color.. On sunnier days, a darker lens color might be a better option.

Beyond sunglasses, a few other tips for limiting the risks of glare-induced accidents include maintaining a safe distance between the vehicle in front of you, keeping a clean windshield and using your headlights for increased visibility.

Glare is an unavoidable part of driving, but fortunately, the risks it poses can be lessened dramatically. A pair of quality polarized sunglasses like Maui Jims, and a few common-sense practices, can keep you driving (safely) off into the sunset. – PRNewswire

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