to fight back against Disney

London, Aug. 11 (ANI): A fancy-dress retailer has filed an appeal against a ruling that has asked him to surrender its web address to Disney.

Tabloid media reported that the Berkshire-based company has been using this address for more than a decade to direct shoppers to a Star Wars section of its Jokers’ Masquerade store, but in July, Nominet, which oversees .uk domains, backed Disney’s ownership claim asking the retailer to give up his domain, reported the BBC.

Further, the costume store’s parent company, Abscissa, was also told to give up six domain names that it used for the same purpose.

Chief executive Mark Lewis said Abscissa had used two of the addresses for more than 12 years without being challenged.

The entertainment giant has not given any comments on the issue yet. (ANI)

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