Stephanie Rice latest celeb to impart medical advice on social media

London, Oct.5 (ANI): Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice has joined other celebrities in imparting medical advice to people on social media.

The 27-year-old swimmer took to her Facebook page to hold a “Q & A on anything health-related”, where she answered questions of her fans suffering from various ailments, the Daily Telegraph reports.

She responded to questions posed by her fans with regard to their health. One of her fans asked if he should get an MRI or ultrasound for an old shoulder injury, and she replied that “Definietly (sic) ultrasound first. MRIs have a lot of radiation which is really bad for your system. Do everything you can as naturally as you can.”

Meanwhile, the President of the AMA NSW, Dr. Saxon Smith, stated that celebrities giving medical and health advice on social media was not new, but cautioned fans to be very meticulous while following the former’s guidance.

Rice has no medical or health qualifications, but imparted many a medical advice to her fans on Facebook. (ANI)

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