Steve Harvey`s Super Bowl ad pokes fun at Miss Universe blunder

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Washington D.C, Feb. 8(ANI): Steve Harvey, who recently faced a worldwide ridicule for announcing the wrong contestant as Miss Universe, has now mocked his goof in an advertisement at the Super Bowl.

In the advert, the 59-year-old comedian was heard saying, “Whoah. Listen, folks. I have to apologize. Again,” after storming onto a set designed to parody another ad by competitor Verizon, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The comedian further said in the commercial, “It says right here on the card: T-Mobile doubled their LTE coverage in the last year. I’m not taking the responsibility on this one!” he continues. “Verizon got it wrong! Yes! Not me!”

He is also seen apologizing to T-Mobile customers for making a mistake, and then blames rival cell carrier Verizon for the error.(ANI)

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