Stop common roster of AI pilots, ex-Indian Airlines crew: ICPA

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New Delhi, June 27 (IANS) The Indian Commercial Pilots’ Association (ICPA) on Wednesday expressed its “strong objection” to the recent instance of common rostering of Air India cockpit crew with the pilot and co-pilot from the erstwhile Indian Airlines that has been merged with the national carrier.

In a letter to the Executive Director, the ICPA pointed out that up to this instance the Air India management had refrained from rostering together the pilots of the erstwhile Indian Airlines pending settlement of seniority issues.

“There has been a recent instance where an erstwhile Air India commander and co-pilot were rostered for a flight with an erstwhile Indian Airlines commander and co-pilot on the Boeing 787 fleet,” the ICPA said in the letter released to the media.

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“In the past there has been an understanding on the issue. The implications and the associated risk of common roster have been respected till now and management has refrained from rostering the pilots of erstwhile airlines together pending settlement of seniority issues,” it said.

“In the interest of flight safety, ICPA would like to place on record its strong objection to any further such actions by CMS/Roster, which has potential of causing severe CRM issues.

“During this period of turmoil, when the airline is barely being able to compensate the employees of the complete salary, we question the intent of the management and the reason they choose to touch this aspect,” it added.

Noting that the entire purpose of the merger was to have synergy and to use the resources as one airline, the pilots’ association asked the management to refrain from common rostering.

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“Till the time the management is unable to propose a common seniority list and mitigate the risk associated with the same, we sincerely expect you to understand the sensitive nature of the issue and henceforth refrain from such activities, so as not to adversely affect the cordial industrial relations which exist as of date,” it said.



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