Stop `horse trading’ in Karnataka: CPI-M

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New Delhi, May 16 (IANS) The CPI-M on Wednesday strongly opposed the time being given to the BJP to indulge in “naked horse trading” and the use of money power to muster a majority in the Karnataka Assembly despite lacking a majority in the House.

The CPI-M said that the Governors appointed during the BJP government’s tenure have, in the past, followed the principle of swearing in a government on the basis of post-election arrangement between parties which have a majority in the Assembly.

In Goa in March 2017, the Congress won 17 of the 40 seats while the BJP won 13. The BJP, however, was invited to form the government after a post-election coalition with other parties, the Communist Party of India-Marxist said.

Likewise, in the Manipur Assembly elections in 2017, which has a strength of 60, the Congress won 28 and the BJP 21 seats. But the BJP was asked to form the government on the basis of a post-poll arrangement.

In Meghalaya in March 2018, out of the total strength of 60, the Congress had 21 while the BJP had only two seats. The BJP, however, was invited to form the government by the Governor on the basis of a post-poll arrangement which showed a majority.

“In this instance in Karnataka, post-poll Congress-Janata Dal-Secular alliance has a clear majority in the Assembly of 222 MLAs elected.

“The same principle must be adopted in Karnataka like it was done in the above state elections and the Chief Minister-designate of the post-poll coalition must be sworn in and asked to prove the majority on the floor of the House in accordance with the verdicts of the Supreme Court immediately.

“Delaying this would only mean that the Constitutional office of the Governor is being misused to buy time for naked `horse trading’. This is blatantly anti-democratic.

The Karnataka election has thrown up a hung Assembly, leaving the BJP eight seats short of a majority while the Congress and the JD-S have a legislative majority.



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