Stop labelling films as male-centric or female-centric: Sonakshi

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Sonakshi…In Hollywood no body said ‘KIll Bill’ was female-centric,

Sonakshi Sinha has transformed herself into an action star for Akira which will be released this Friday. The 29-year-old actress was bullied when she was young for her extra body weight and she very well knows the harrowing experiences such people have to undergo,

“Nobody is allowed to tell you how you are to look. Secondly, youngsters read this stuff. They are at an impressionable age, they are being bombarded – ‘you need to look like this.’ I am clear I need to project a healthy body. Even if am targeted, I don’t allow them to raise a finger, be it my work or personal space,” Sonakshi said.

Two years ago, she posted a picture of a skeleton on her Instagram, writing “Take a good look at this picture. This ain’t ever gonna be me, get over it.”

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Body-shamers aren’t the only folks she’s vocal about – trolls, who she describes as ‘idiots,’ have learnt to mess with Sonakshi only at their own peril. But she mostly ignores those trying to get a rise out of her on social media. ‘I would not react unless someone really pushes my buttons,” she said.

In Akira she’s done all her own stunts, saying “I don’t like using doubles.” The film came to Sonakshi at a point when she wanted to do something new but she asks why an action film with a female central character should be regarded any differently. She also had hurt herself as she performed stunts.

“Stop labelling films as male-centric or female-centric. In Hollywood, a woman did Kill Bill but we regarded it as a film, not ‘oh, it’s a female-oriented film. So we too need to work on changing that mind set,” Sonakshi said.

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That’s certainly not the only thing she’d like to see changing. “The disparity in the pay cheques,” she said, “We work as hard as the men.” – CINEWS

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