Stray bullet flies into home of Surrey family

Surrey, September 25 (CINEWS): In Surrey recently one bullet zipped through the garage door in front of the building, entering the bedroom of a South Asian immigrant family then going through the closet between that bedroom and the next one before hitting the back wall and falling on the floor just behind the bed.stray bullet
And in that process, the bullet could have hit three members of the family – only that the father, who had been reading in bed, had decided to get up and leave his bedroom just a minute before the shooting; the grandmother, who was standing near the wall in the adjoining bedroom, was a few inches shorter than the spot from where the bullet entered that room; and her teenage granddaughter, who she was urging to get out of bed as it was too early to sleep, was still laying down.
This serious incident occurred on September 15th.
According to police, it is a result of an on-going feud between two warring factions in the area.
It happens with such regularity in certain neighborhoods that many residents now seemed resigned to the random as well as targeted acts of violence and only hope they don’t end up getting caught in the cross-fire. This incidentally was the third shooting incident in a fortnight.
The home that had the bullet passing through it is inhabited by Samina Sufi and her family. They are scheduled to leave the home as they’ve bought their own house and are shaken but relieved to be leaving the area.
Unfortunately drugs and violence are plaguing neighborhoods that are predominantly South Asian and while the culprits are often South Asian, so are the innocent victims and bystanders.

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