Stream security flaws allows hacking into accounts

Amsterdam, July 27 (ANI): Internet-based digital distribution platform Stream has been hit by a major security flaw.

According to The Next Web, a major fault has been revealed in Steam’s account login process that allowed the users to reset any account knowing only the target’s email address.

A hacker could abuse the ‘forgotten password’ feature in Steam’s log-in service and requesting a password reset code then visiting the special reset page and pushing OK.

The reset page usually requests for a code that is sent to the users email address to verify their identity but it would also accept an empty code as valid.

So it was open for attack and anyone could break into a Steam account and change the password without needing access to the recovery email address.

The bug is now fixed.

Steam said that the bug affected only a small amount of accounts between July 21- 25.

The company is resetting passwords on any affected accounts. (ANI)

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