`Stress-free` Jessica Alba excited about turning 35

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Washington D.C., Mar. 31 (ANI): Jessica Alba, who will ring in her 35th birthday on April 28, recently said that she likes herself way more now than she did 10 years ago.

Talking about her upcoming birthday, the 34-year-old actress said she feels herself better at 35 than at 25, adding she went through crisis for three years and that she is very excited about turning 35, E! Online reports.

“Then I had honor at 28, and I felt like everything just kind of fell into place and made sense. I feel really good now, and I’m excited about turning 35,” she said.

Opening about her birthday plans, the ‘Dark Angel’ actress said she is trying to figure out a fun filled birthday, adding may be a sort of girl’s thing with her friends or it would be a game night as she love a “good game night. (ANI)

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