Students grumble as YRT buses not permitted on York U campus

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It’s not that it is just a matter of inconvenience for the York University students and employees using YRT buses, it is also a financial issue as it means passengers must purchase two fares. This has resulted in passengers having to budget up to 30 extra minutes to getting to their destination.

The decision to stop YRT services on campus is a result of a 2008 agreement between York Region, York University, the City of Toronto and the TTC.

It was one of the clauses that was put in once the new subway was up and running. With that new Line 1 subway extension to campus subway operational for months now, YRT is obliged to stop service to campus.

The closest YRT stop is at Pioneer Village station which is a 20 to 30-minute walk to the central campus area. This means students residing in York Region must either walk or pay a second fare to hop on the subway.

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So, while York University students commuting from Toronto benefit from having the subway running right up to York University, those living ironically in York Region feel shafted by the subway extension.

York Region Transit says they have no choice but to abide by the decision, which was made in part to reduce the number of vehicles on campus, but also to prevent what officials call a duplication of services.

The idea behind this clause was to ensure more subway users but that means forcing these York Region users to fork out a separate fare.

Now all parties are working to see if it is possible to have some sort of fare integration between the TTC and YRT. It really doesn’t make much sense to have someone pay the same fare for a shorter distance as someone paying the same fare to come in from the starting point in the city.

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Meanwhile students can draw cold comfort from the fact that York U offers free transportation from any location on campus to assist students, faculty and staff with mobility needs. Able bodied students can either walk or reach for their wallet for now. -CINEWS

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