Students irked as GO bus service to York U stops

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This has been a long time coming. This week GO buses stopped plying to York University’s Keele campus.

Hundreds of students using GO buses to travel to the university from around the GTA will now have to get off at the new Highway 407 station, and then head into campus by subway. Well all that sounds fair enough until one factors in a second fare that students will have to cough up.

Students were dismayed when the change was first announced in November 2018. They circulated a petition calling for service to be preserved as is.

Although the new TTC means getting to and from school is faster, the additional cost is irksome for many cash-strapped and debt-laden students.

An extra fare for a transfer from the GO bus to the TTC is now required. To offset the cost, GO Transit has introduced a fare discount of $1.50 per ride in cooperation with the TTC. However, in order to take advantage of the discounted fare, a Presto card is required. The university has said online that it will “continue to advocate for a full fare integration.”

In all students calculate that it will cost an additional $60.

In September last year, York Regional Transit’s Viva bus service was suspended and instead were redirected to the Pioneer Village stop, students have to either walk 15 to 20 minutes to campus or take the TTC subway one stop to York University station.

The GO bus service was initially supposed to run till the end of the school term in early spring.

Traveling to York University or for that matter any college in the GTA is an expensive proposition not to mention inconvenient. -CINEWS

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