Study reveals sexual orientation conversion therapy still very common

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New research published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry has found that conversion therapy to attempt to change a person’s sexual orientation is still common in Canada. The study calls for government and societal support to end conversion therapy practices.

According to university and community-based researchers, four per cent of Canadian gay and bisexual men—approximately 20,000 individuals across the country—have been exposed to conversion therapy, which includes scientifically discredited practices that try to repress, discourage, or change a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. These numbers are based on a survey of gay and bisexual men across Canada, led by the national Community-Based Research Centre (CBRC).

In South Asian communities, many families simply refuse to believe a family member could be an LGBTQ member and definitely make some very serious efforts to convert the person back onto the “correct” path. -CINEWS

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