Study singles out speeding as the riskiest form of aggressive driving

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It is a finding that might leave a few people a little puzzled to learn that countless hours, considerable money and manpower has gone into determining speed to be the riskiest form of aggressive driving.

This study was done by the reputed Waterloo University and it used data from insurance companies in Ontario and Texas to examine links between collisions and four bad driving behaviours: speeding, hard braking, hard acceleration and hard cornering.

“For insurance companies using this telematics data to assess who is a good risk and who isn’t, our suggestion based on the data is to look at speed, at people driving too fast,” Stefan Steiner, a statistics professor in Waterloo’s faculty of mathematics, said in a release.

Over 28 million trips were considered in the study, which showed that speed was a strong predictor of crashes.

Researchers compared data from 28 crashes with that of 20 control vehicles that had not been in collisions but were similar in terms of other characteristics, including geographic location and driving distance.

The findings could change the way insurance companies charge clients, causing drivers to slow down. Awareness of the risks of speeding could also make roads safer.

It might end up being a tool used by insurance companies to justify rate hikes because all they need is a small excuse to prompt another round of increases. -CINEWS

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