Suggestions welcome, but should be given in working committee: Congress

New Delhi, May 20 (IANS) With general secretary Digvijay Singh calling for a major surgery in the party, the Congress on Friday that all suggestions from senior leaders were welcome but should be raised before in the working committee.

The Congress also said that the party has “inner vitality” to handle the situation and “responsibilities will also be fixed”.

A day after he called for a “major surgery” in the party after its losses in assembly polls, Digvijay Singh said on Friday that the party needs to act now as “enough introspection” has been done after the 2014 Lok Sabha debacle.

In response, party spokesperson P.C. Chacko said: “His surgery remark is about improving the Congress party’s position or style of functioning. So, all suggestions by the senior leaders for the improvement of the party’s functioning and its style of functioning are welcome. But I wish these suggestions are made in the Congress Working Committee.

“All of us have opportunity to attend the Congress Working Committee. Post-election scenario, we will be having our CWC very soon. Digvijay Singhji and all of us, we all have the opportunity to attend the highest forum of the party and there everybody is free to express their opinion.”

Chacko said that many suggestions are there, and all were “good” and “for the welfare of the party” and “will be discussed in the working committee”.

Asked why there was a delay in “surgery”, he said: “Surgery may not be the first step to the treatment. If surgery is needed, it will be done. But, we in our party forum will discuss what kind of steps are to be taken to reform the party.”

Asked whether a major revamp will be done, Chacko said: “Our party is the biggest democratic party. We take every decision collectively, suggestions are there. All the suggestions put together after discussion we will come out with a solution. The party has got the inner vitality to handle the issue in a proper manner.”

“Responsibilities will be fixed. To what extent it will be fixed and whose responsibility will be fixed will be discussed in a detailed manner.”

To Digvijay Singh’s suggestion that there should be immediate “action”, Chacko said: “It is a continuous process. Introspection was done and action was taken. Introspection will continue after the debacle. We need to introspect and discuss to find out the reasons.”



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