Sultan was difficult film to do for Sultan

For Salman Khan’s fans, this may come as both good and bad news.  The happy news is that Salman has,been coming with his action sequences. sultan-salman

The awful news is that it was difficult for Salman to do the film

In a meeting with Hindustan Times, Salman concurred that “Sultan” was physically the most burdened film, He said, “I thought I will be able to bear the pain, and I did. Also, I felt it would help me become fitter. But wrestling is a difficult sport. We did mixed martial arts (MMA) as well. The fighting is all real [in the film]. So, I got hurt too. I fought with real MMA fighters. Whenever they used to get an opportunity [during shots], they used to hit me, as if we were really competing (laughs).” Well, let’s wait and watch how all the blood, sweat and tears translate into some awesome onscreen action!  – CINEWS

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