Summons issued for 1000 ‘students’ enrolled in fake American university

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New York, April 8 (CINEWS): Twenty-one brokers, recruiters, and employers – 10 of whom are South Asians have been charged in a Homeland Security sting operation targeting a network of people facilitating ‘fake students’ to secure permanent residency in the US.

The Homeland Security sting operation listed 25 Commerce Drive in Cranford, NJ as the fake institution’s address

Earlier this week a thousand “students” who knowingly enrolled for at least 45 days at the University of Northern New Jersey will be receiving notices to appear in immigration court, and their visas will be revoked.
The network of people people behind this operation were from New Jersey, New York, Virginia and Washington, D.C., the brokers recruited foreign students, mainly from China and India,
The fake University of Northern New Jersey established 2012 was set up by the Department of Homeland Security in order to study the extent of the problem of fake American universities and the modus operandi of the brokers.
Close to 1.2 million students are currently in the United States on student visas, a majority of whom are legitimately attending universities, but embedded among them are students who’ve slipeed in as ‘students’ with an eye to gaining permanent residency.
Student visa fraud cases have come to light from coast to coast and it has come under the radar as terrorists could come in on the guise as students.
The last big bust of a sham university was in 2011 when the so-called Tri-Valley University which offered engineering and medicine but students weren’t expected to attend class. In that instance, most of the 1,500 students happened to be from India. It is almost certain that a significant number of students enrolled in the fake University of Northern New Jersey will be mostly from India.

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