Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani takes stand against stalkers

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The upcoming film ‘One Night Stand’ gives Bollywood’s boy-chases-girl plot a clever spin to explore the horrors of stalking. As the title suggests, the erotic thriller starts from the point when the two central characters (played by Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani respectively) indulge in a one-night stand. However, things spiral out of control when what should have ended that night leads to a series of unwanted events.

The idea triggers off a discussion about stalking, which is an issue many women face in their day-to-day lives. Ask Sunny about it and she replies, “Stalking is an obsession and it needs to be controlled and be taken care off at the right time before it leads to mishap. It is an individual choice to have a one-night stand.

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I feel as long as both individuals are doing it consensually, it is fine. I appreciate the efforts that our director Jasmine Moses-D’Souza has put into making this film. I think every person who watches it will understand what she is trying to put forth. I am proud to be associated with this project because I feel strongly about its bold concept.”
Tanuj adds, “Stalkers should be punished. I also feel the privacy of victims is highly threatened and can lead to emotional and mental disorders. I am glad that a film has been made on this subject so that such behaviour is brought to light.”
‘One Night Stand,’ presented by Swiss Entertainment and produced by Furquan Khan and Pradeep Sharma, releases on May 6.


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