Sunny Leone’s show MTV Splitsvilla 8 ; there is violent fight between contestants

Mumbai, September 19 (CINEWS): In the last episode of Splitsvilla 8 hosted by Sunny Leone, we saw Vanessa and Reshu getting eliminated. The ‘evil queen’ Subuhi dumped the two as she wished to build a connection with Ishan. Paras and they  were seen having a fight, after he generalized women saying, ” girls like to flirt.” Along with Subuhi, king Paras had a brawl with his good friend Prince and got into a war of words with his connection Vanessa.mtv

All in all, Paras was the target in the last episode and the upcoming one is going to be all about Priyanka and Mia!As we all know, the two got off on a bad foot since the start and have never been able to see eye to eye. In tomorrow’s episode, their rivalry is about to get NASTY. The two will end up getting violent and physically assaulting each other. Apart from this, Karishma’s secrets will be out in the open and the ones to reveal them would be Paras!

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