Superhit films are proof there’s no communalism: Hema Sardesai

Panaji, Nov 24 (IANS) Snubbing Aamir Khan without naming him, Bollywood playback singer Hema Sardesai on Tuesday said the fact that films made by the greats in Indian cinema are superhit shows that everyone is with them.

Sardesai, who hails from Goa, also said that she does not believe that there is intolerance in India and that stray incidents should not been seen as a norm, but an exception.

“I am a very great fan of most of the greats who have spoken about intolerance happening in India. But I definitely do not second this, because I think, that the fact that their movies are so super-duper hit, it means that everybody is with them. So everybody is together and strong in India. There is no communalism here,” Sardesai told IANS.

Sardesai, who has sung popular songs in Bollywood films like “Daman” (2001), “Baghban” (2003), “Chak De! India” (2007) among many other entertainers, also praised the incumbent National Democratic Alliance government.

“We co-exist very beautifully, in harmony in diversity. Even with the new government, since it’s come to power, it has been at its epitome level best. Stray incidents happen everywhere in the world like in America,” said Sardesai, a self-confessed fan of Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, Goa’s tallest politician yet, and one who has a rockstar appeal in some sections of the population.

“If some of the stars, who I am a fan of, (feel) scared of their lives here, so they need to go abroad. I am giving you an assurance that everything is hunky dory (here),” Sardesai said.

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