Survey finds over half of Canadians want to eat less meat

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For the longest time Indian immigrants had the reputation of being mostly vegetarians who avoided any meat. Now millions of Canadians are following their footsteps and vowing to forego it.

A new survey conducted by a team at Dalhousie University revealed that more than half of Canadians are interested in eating less meat, and one third intend to reduce their meat consumption within the next six months.

The study examined people’s attitudes about meat consumption. It found that although many Canadians still regard meat as an essential part of their diets, the majority are hoping to reduce the amount they eat.

Millennials obsessed with saving the planet and the environment tend to lead the no-meat brigade. Other concerns driving them into embracing a plant-based diet is animal welfare.
Oddly enough there are thousands of second-generation South Asians who grew up in vegetarian households who have adopted meat into their diets in adulthood. -CINEWS

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