Survey shows list of companies where Canadian students want to work

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Canadian students are showing an increasing preference to work for foreign-owned companies rather than Canadian ones leading some to believe that if Canadian employers seek to attract and retain talent, they need to do a lot more than simply offer good salaries.

Just two Canadian companies, the Canadian Space Agency and Bombardier made it to the list of top 10 companies considered most attractive by Canadian students studying the in-demand fields of engineering and information technology, according to a survey by employer-branding company Universum Global.

Google topped the list, followed by Tesla, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon.

The online survey of 20,676 students from 162 universities and colleges across Canada was conducted between October 2018 and February 2019. In partnership with career centres at the schools, Universum targeted students in six main fields of study: business, engineering/IT, natural sciences, liberal arts/fine arts/education/social sciences, law, and health and medicine.

For each of these areas, the survey produced a list of the top 100 employers. Students were also asked to rank the factors they’ll consider most important in an employer, as well as their career aspirations.

For example, many companies are quick to highlight a commitment to diversity and inclusion when they’re connecting with potential new hires through events like campus career fairs, he said.
Then there is the thing about millennials seeking find meaningful work and surprisingly they seem to be willing to get paid less for the opportunity to do something they enjoy and find satisfying.
In this year’s survey, which asks students to rank their top 10 attributes they’re looking for in an employer, high future rankings were number one overall.

Stodgy Canadian banks meanwhile are making themselves more appealing to students entering the workforce.

Among business students, for example, TD Bank and Royal Bank of Canada moved to the fifth and eighth spots respectively in 2019, up from the eighth and ninth most popular in 2018.

With 4 generations in the workplace, employers expected to juggle vastly different expectations.

Though much further down the list, TD and RBC also made gains among engineering and IT students, ranking in positions 53 and 75 this year.

Impact ranked high up the list of career aspirations weighed by the Universum survey following work-life balance and job security, dedication to a cause came third.

Here are a few of the top companies where most Canadian students would like to work. Google, Apple, Amazon, Deloitte, TD Bank, Tesla, Air Canada, RBC, Ernest & Young and Microsoft. -CINEWS

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