Susan Sarandon bonds with grandson

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Susan: She will soon act in Mothers and Daughters

It was grandma “Honey” in full effect over the Thanksgiving holiday as Susan Sarandon bonded with her new grandson.

The Oscar winner took a break from feuding with Debra Messing — and stirring the political pot — for peace and thanks with her daughter, Eva Amurri Martino, who recently relocated her family to the East Coast.

Sarandon, who goes by Honey instead of grandma because she is cool like that, shared a photo of herself in a “love bubble” with her grandkids Major, who was born last month, and Marlowe, 2.

It was the first time Sarandon met Marlowe, according to Amurri Martino, an actress and lifestyles blogger. It looked like the comfort factor between them was immediately high.

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“Just A Coupla Moms,” Amurri Martino captioned a third photo. The lookalike pair will soon be putting their relationship on display in the indie film Mothers and Daughters in which they play, you guessed it, mother and daughter.

Just a week ago, Sarandon, a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter, was still beefing with fellow actress Messing, who was Team Hillary, about the election results and politics in general, a feud that started back in March. But, frankly, we’d rather think about cute babies than that.

She wore a foot brace back in March after suffering a ‘little sprain’ while walking down a mountain.

The 70-year-old star bundled up in all black as she held onto the arm of her son, Jack, 27, who assisted his legendary mom.

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