‘Swachh Bharat’ feeling revamps Dimapur railway station

Dimapur, Nov. 14 (ANI): As part of the ongoing Swachh Bharat campaign, railway authorities in Dimapur have taken up a scrupulous cleanliness drive to make the station spotless and passenger-friendly.

The railway authorities have outsourced the sanitation initiatives to a local contractor and the entire station is cleaned thrice a day with different kinds of machines and equipment.

According to Dr. Matthew, Senior DMO, the cleanliness effort is being done on a war footing to give a facelift to the station before the annual Hornbill Festival.

“Renovations are going on at the platform and concourse area and sanitation being prioritized to provide an inviting and welcome look for the tourists and other passengers as well. The repair works and improved cleanliness will give a new look to the railway station without the usual stench and obnoxious smell,” said Dr. Mathew

He also informed that better sanitation was possible since the railway department was now providing enough water supplies to carry out the task. “The authorities have also empowered travelling ticket examiners to penalize any persons found littering the railway platform and its premises,” he added. (ANI)

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