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London, July 4 (ANI): After the sacking of a key member of the Reddit team Victoria Taylor, many parts of the popular site including tech and gaming have been closed down.

In protest over Taylor’s dismissal, who was in-charge of organising and running the most high-profile ‘Ask Me Anything’ question-and-answer sessions, many Redditors have taken subreddits offline or have made them private, reported the Time.

Though Taylor has not commented on the issue yet, website’s co-founder Alexis Ohanian posted in a subreddit that they understand losing Taylor has a significant impact on the way they managed their community and they were trying to solve the problem as AMA thrived before her and would thrive after.

Reddit users speculate that the sudden dismissal was connected with Taylor’s moderation of Rev. Jesse Jackson’s AMA, which became disorganised after a flurry of questions about racial issues.

The social news website, which runs with just 71 employees, is currently valued at 500 million USD. (ANI)

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