Swati Semwal releases short film on LGBT theme

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Mumbai, Sep 7 (IANS) A day after the Supreme Court decriminalised Section 377, making gay sex legal in India, actor-director Swati Semwal released “Abnormal”, a short film on LGBT.

“Abnormal” is an ode to one of the many modern day freedoms the internet generation has fervently taken upon themselves to champion. It released on Net Pix Shorts on Friday.

The 20-minute film is the story of a school girl Arohi, who discovers something about herself which is considered objectionable otherwise.

Semwal has depicted the innocence of love and growing up.

“When I first got into writing and direction, it was not because I knew it was my passion. It was because I wanted to ask if we are really free to love whoever we want to?

“When it doesn’t matter in this world which gender do we hate, then why does it affect people so much when the same gender falls in love with each other? Why do we have to judge them and even ask them to come out of the closet? Do we ask straight people to do that?

“All these questions prompted me to make a small film a few years back which we are releasing on this beautiful win. Let us spread love and acceptance.”

Net Pix Shorts is the brainchild of First Step Entertainment Capital, which is focussed on thought-provoking stories.



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