Sylvester Stallone’s film memorabilia auction nets $3m

Melbourne, Dec. 26(ANI): The items including costumes, props and memorabilia from the films starring actor Sylvester Stallone has sold up for more than 3 million dollar during a three-day sale at Heritage Auctions.

The 69-year-old actor’s black leather jacket from ‘Rocky’ film was the highest selling item at 149,000 dollars and Memorabilia from Stallone’s top films sold for just over USD 3 million at an auction, reports.

The Ivan Drago outfit, worn by Dolph Lundgren’s colossal Russian bad guy in ‘Rocky IV,’ went for 45,000 dollars, including his fight robe, shorts and shoes.

‘The Expendables’ actor recently sold off some of his career memorabilia from ‘Rocky’, ‘Rambo’ and items from his personal collection – including two amazing personal gifts from sporting legends Muhammad Ali and Ayrton Senna through Heritage auctions.

The auction was conducted in Los Angeles from December 18-20.

Overall, the sale netted $3 million (all figures in US dollars)

Another item was a Senna Formula 1 racing helmet from 1994.

The testing helmet was personally gifted to Stallone by the Brazilian motorsport icon in the year that he was killed in a race crash at San Marino, and sold for 43,750 dollars. (ANI)

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