Syrian army, Lebanese Hezbollah launch attack in border area

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Damascus, July 21 (IANS) A double battle started against the Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front on both sides of the Syrian-Lebanese border on Friday, a military source said.

The battle started against the Nusra Front militants in the Qalamoun barren area in Syria, and the adjacent Juroud Arsal barrens on the Lebanese side of the border, Xinhua news agency quoted a source as saying.

The Syrian army and the Lebanese Hezbollah started the operation in Syria from the Talet Burkan area in the barren of Flita town, said the source.

The attack was coupled with artillery shelling and missile fire on the positions of the terror-designated group.

In Lebanon, Hezbollah advanced in Juroud Arsal toward the Nusra positions in Qanzah, and Wadi al-Qariyah southeast of Juroud Arsal amid battles with the Nusra Front.

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The Syrian air force is playing an important role in covering the advance of the ground troops on either side of the borders, carrying out at least 14 air raids since early Friday.

The battle was anticipated as it aims to end the presence of Al Qaeda-linked militants in the barren areas of both countries, as the militants used to smuggle weapons and explosives using these areas.



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