Syrian government slams chemical weapon attack accusation

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Damascus, April 8 (IANS) The Syrian government on Saturday evening slammed the rebels’ allegations that the Syrian army used chemical gas in the ongoing battle on the Douma district east of Damascus.

Such claims are an attempt to hinder the advance of the Syrian army in the battles against the Islam Army, Xinhua cited Syrian state news agency SANA as saying.

The remarks come as activists said the Syrian forces used chlorine gas in the current attack on Douma, causing suffocation among people in Douma.

An official source said media arms of the Islam Army had fabricated the Syrian army’s use of chemical weapons to frame the government forces.

The source added that the Syrian army is rapidly advancing without the need to use any kind of chemical materials, which the government has repeatedly denied possessing.

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The Syrian army on Saturday said it stormed the frontlines of the Islam Army in the Douma from farmlands east of Douma amid a state of collapse and chaos among the militant group.

Meanwhile, the Islam Army said on its official social network site that its militants foiled the advance of the Syrian army from the farm area on the outskirts of Douma.

Local TVs are airing footages of the targeting of Douma, a day after announcing that the Syrian Republican Guard units have started operation at Douma.



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