Syrian rebels launch ‘massive offensive’ to take over Aleppo

Karachi, July 3 (ANI): Afghanistan has reportedly summoned Pakistan’s ambassador in Kabul, Abrar Hussain, to register formal protest against a recent cross-border firing, its foreign ministry said.

Both the countries confirmed the incident, which caused casualties on either side of the border, reported The Express Tribune.

The Pakistani army said that a rocket and a few rounds of shells fired at the Angoor Adda gate from the Afghani side injured two security personnel. It added that Pakistani troops responded by targeting the positions from where fire was coming.

Afghan foreign ministry’s spokesman Siddiq Siddiqi, on the other hand, said that one Afghan border police commander was killed in the incident. He also claimed that Pakistani forces had been involved in illegal construction on the Afghan side, a charge that the Pakistani military denied. (ANI)

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