Taapsee Pannu raises cash for sports star

Other than acting, Taapsee Pannu likewise shares an energy for games and her online networking is a proof of it. The performing artist has constantly broadened her backing towards an variety  of games that incorporate tennis, cricket and football.taapsee

Taapsee Pannu ,  even discovers time to traverse the globe whenever she can for major sporting competitions.  It’s her determined energy for games that urged her to approach and raise cash for a yearning sports star.

Taapsee Pannu has chosen to raise stores for a competitor by the name of Likhita from Hyderabad. Taapsee tied up with a NGO to raise reserves for the girl who tries to be an Olympian and needed cash for her worldwide sponsorship. Utilizing her system and with the assistance of ground exercises, Taapsee figured out how to raise cash for Likhita who can now satisfy her fantasy.

At the point when reached Taapsee for the same, she said, ” It’s so sad that we are the second highest populated country in the world but stand 55th where Medal tally is concerned. I’m sure there is enough talent in the country and all they need is right kind of support. If I’m able to even help one world standard athlete to score an Olympic medal I think I will call it a landmark achievement in my life.” – CINEWS

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