Taiwan team talks tech tie-up with Markham

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Mayor Frank Scarpitti.

Hsinchu County Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun and a team of investors from Taiwan visited Markham, Ontario to discuss potential Canadian investment in a number of Hsinchu’s latest projects.

They received a warm welcome from Director Wu Rongquan from Canada’s Foreign Ministry Representative Office, Director Xu Yongmei from the Department of State Office of Toronto and Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti. Chiu and Mayor Scarpitti signed a bilateral economic MOU to set up the Taipei Business Council in Toronto, which will be led by Ms. Lin Meilin.

Magistrate Chiu talked about a series of projects known in Taiwan as the “Seven-Kilometer High-Tech Corridor”, including Hsinchu Industrial Park, Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Hsinchu Science Park and Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park. Together with other ventures, the Corridor will create 220,000 jobs every year.

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As Markham is widely recognized as Canada’s hightech hub, the Hsinchu delegation said it was looking to establish a friendly relationship with the Ontario city to facilitate hightech industry collaboration.

Both parties exchanged their opinions on topics such as economics, culture, trade, hightechnology, and education based on fairness and mutually beneficial principles with both parties submitting plans to facilitate growth. Magistrate Chiu also discussed the recent article from Global Views Monthly regarding “Hsinchu’s Eight Governance Survey”, which introduces the county’s economy and employment, ranking not only the highest net immigration population, but also the lowest unemployment rate for three consecutive years.

Uni-President Enterprises Corporation invested NTD18 billion in Hukou, with a new factory recently completed and Far Eastern Group invested NTD9 billion on No. 8 parking lot BOT, which is estimated to be completed in 2019. NTD418.8 million was invested in Zhubei National Sports Center which is scheduled for completion inFebruary 2018. r. Chiu also touched on the government’s plans for Taiwan Knowledge Economic Flagship Park which forms part of the broader “Trillion Economic Plan” and sees 39 manufacturers stationed in the Hsinchu Biomedical Park. -CNW

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