Tales of women from Mahabharata, corporate world, real estate (IANS Books This Weekend)

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New Delhi, Jan 22 (IANS) Women have forever played multiple roles. From the Hindu epic ‘Mahabharata’, where a princess is made to take a difficult choice to save her kingdom to company heads and senior managers who face many issues in the corporate world; sometimes she remains an outsider who returns to her roots to make another beginning or an adviser who guides with tips on how to go ahead while purchasing a new flat. There’s much the IANS bookshelf has for you this weekend. Happy reading!

1. Book: The Rise of Hastinapur; Author: Sharath Komarraju; Publisher: HarperCollins; Pages: 354; Price: Rs. 299

After the success of the first book, Winds of Hastinapur from the Hastinapur series, author Sharath Komarraju has come up with his new book which once again goes into the inside world of the Mahabharata.

The book is an attempt to tell the story through the thoughts and lives of lesser known female characters. This is a tale of three female protagonists – Amba, who is living for revenge; Kunti, who stakes all to free her brother and his wife; and Gandhari, who is made to take a strong decision – to marry the blind prince of Hastinapur in

order to save her kingdom.

2. Book: Own It; Author: Aparna Jain; Publisher: Collins Business; Pages: 313; Price: Rs. 399

Women today play multiple roles with superhuman abilities and have many stories to tell – the ugly, the happy, the rarely discussed, the unacknowledged, the whispered, the denied.

Aparna Jain’s latest book captures the voices of women from different backgrounds – company head, HRD director, senior manager who talk about issues like pay parity, harassment, promotion and maternity policies. The book, which is thought provoking, takes the challenges that confront women in the workplace head-on-without discounting the complexities of being a woman in an Indian home.

3. Book: Olive Witch, Author: Abeer Y. Hoque; Publisher: Harper Collins; Pages: 244; Price: Rs.350

Thirteen year-old Abeer finds herself in a difficult situation than she imagined to place herself as a young American woman when she and her family moves to Pittsburgh. Disassociated from her parents, laid low by academic pressure and spiraling depression, she is committed to a psychiatric ward in Philadelphia.

She faces another new beginning when she moves to Bangladesh on her own. The author who is the protagonist, has beautifully written with poems framing each chapter in the book, which is an intimate memoir taking the long way home.

4. Book: How to Buy a House; Author: E. Jayashree Kurup; Publisher: Collins; Pages: 169; Price: Rs. 199

A house is a place for love, laughter, and the joy of family life. However, with land prices rising steadily, one needs to plan properly before making the biggest investment. One needs to identify the amount of home loan, choose a trusted builder, survey the neighbourhood, decide the best location in terns of connectivity and work out on taxes, registration and insurance.

And to make house purchase easier, the author E. Jayashree Kurup, who is

also the head of content and research at Magicbricks.com has come up

with her latest book as a helping hand.

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