Taliban militants retreat from Afghanistan’s Kunduz city

Kabul, Oct 13 (IANS) Taliban militants who had captured Kunduz city, the capital of Kunduz province, confirmed on Tuesday their withdrawal from the city following stiff resistance from the government forces.

“For the safety and security of the people of Kunduz, Taliban fighters withdrew from the city,” Xinhua quoted Taliban as saying in a statement.

However, the armed outfit said in the statement: “Taliban have achieved their goals in Kunduz city by releasing all detainees from government prison and capturing arms and ammunitions from the government forces.”

Kunduz police chief Qasim Jangle Bagh confirmed that the Taliban militants, after suffering huge casualties, retreated from the city.

The security forces would chase the armed militants to ensure lasting peace in Kunduz and adjoining areas, the police official said.

–indo-Asian News Service


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