“Talvar” is neither judgemental nor thoughtful: Neeraj Kabi

irrfan-khan-talvar-759Mumbai, Sep 7 (CINEWS): It is similar to strolling a tightrope when you are making a film as delicate as Talvar. Movie producer Meghna Gulzar’s next, that has been penned around Vishal Bhardwaj, may be in view of the Aarushi Talwar homicide case, however, it isn’t a point by a point adjustment.

The reality of what happened that night is still a puzzle. It must be seen much like Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon, whose style of portrayal this film adjusts.

“The story uncovers the three forms of the homicide. It wouldn’t be reasonable to call it discernment in light of the fact that each scene on screen is accepted by examination. We are not reproducing the episode taking into account our creative energy but rather on data that was uncovered over the span of the examination. We kept our methodology as quality impartial as could be expected under the circumstances, expressing the course of occasions as seems to be (in light of the announcements given by its prime witnesses amid cross-examination). It is neither judgemental nor thoughtful,” said on-screen character Neeraj Kabi, who has focal influence in the film.

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