Tamasha a different love story

By Akshay the movie buff

New Delhi, Nov. 27 (ANI): The movie is the second association between Ranbir Kapoor and Imtiaz Ali. It is about a love story between Ved (Ranbir) and Tara (Deepika). It all starts with a stage show depicting Ved’s life story and then there is a flashback scenario in which the childhood of Ved is shown.

In the childhood scenario it is shown that Ved is more into stories and drama and less into studies. He also keeps running to an old story teller and keeps listening to stories.

His dad is typical and keeps telling him the virtues of getting good grades and hard work. This really creates a lot of turmoil during his childhood when he realizes that his calling is storytelling and drama.

Now to the present, Ved decides to go to Corsica for a week where he decides to be himself finally and live freely, that is when he meets a certain damsel in distress Tara and in full filmy style they interact without disclosing their identity and they have a time of their life. They fall in love with each other in the process and mind you they do not even know each other’s identity.

Fast forward three years Ved is a product manager in a good company and is completely opposite to what he was in Corsica. This kind of takes Tara by surprise but they still continue with their relationship. Things turn ugly when Ved proposes to Tara and that’s when Tara says she was looking for the other Ved who is lost inside the present Ved. This makes Ved mad and he then starts behaving strangely. Well rest of the movie is up to you to see.

Performance wise Ranbir is very good, Deepika is also quite good. All in all it’s a well directed movie, the music is peppy. One more thing this movie follows the old school pattern of doing what you like and following your heart. The chemistry between Ranbir and Deepika is sizzling and to look out for. (ANI)

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