Tangkhul Naga community showcases its rich culture and traditions in Mumbai

Mumbai, Oct. 3 (ANI): The northeast region has a rich and diverse culture. To raise awareness about its vivacity, festivals and fairs are held across the country. Recently, a cultural day was organised by the Tangkhul Naga community, where they showcased their rich cultural heritage.

The dazzling event gave local residents a chance to know more about the Naga way of life. The event was organised by the Tangkhul Welfare Association of Mumbai.

Sothing Shimrah, President, Tangkhul Welfare Society, Mumbai, said, “This cultural day is mainly focus to observe our cultural or to protect and safeguard the social value of our Tangkhul here in Mumbai. Mainly our objectives are to protect our culture and besides we also bring the oneness of Tangkhul community here in Mumbai.”

Tangkhul Naga students also enthralled the audience with their performance of traditional dances.

Luireiphy, a student, said, “Back home we have so many festivals but since we are outside we cannot celebrate every festival here. So, we make it this festival once in a year and this is how we all come together and celebrate this event and it also brings us togetherness, love, peace, unity among us.”

Godwin, a participant, said, “Today, we are here to celebrate the cultural day and this is the third edition of Tangkhul cultural day organized by the Tangkhul welfare society Mumbai. The main objective is to promote, preserve and protect our rich culture and we are preparing for a folk song competition.”

Such events promote a sense of belonging among people living far away from their home and also bridge the gap between the northeast and the rest of the country. It also helps promote national integration. (ANI)

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