Tanuj Virwani ripped up her body in ‘One Night Stand’

Mumbai, April, 8 (CINEWS): On-screen character Tanuj Virwani was a nervous wreck when it came to shooting the private scenes with his co-star Sunny Leone in chief Jasmine Moses D’Souza’s ‘One Night Stand’.Tanuj-Virwani-Bio

This was not just the first occasion when he was doing a lovemaking scene, additionally needed to go shirtless for the same. He took after a strict eating routine and workout administration as he was relied upon to wear a tore build.

He said, “I expanded my protein admission and cut down on fats. I likewise diminished salt to a base, as it improves water maintenance, furthermore refused desserts, chocolates and liquor. Rather, I tasted on Japanese home grown tea, which is a fat eliminator, and did a great deal of cardio, games and wilderness exercise center procedures, alongside weight preparing.”

‘One Night Stand’, displayed by Swiss Stimulation and created by Furquan Khan and Pradeep Sharma, discharges on April 22.

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